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The Grudge Ditch Gang  is from the perspective of  a 10-year-old growing up in the 1960s Mississippi Delta. From politics, government, family, arts, culture, fashion, civil rights to  business, murder, religion, health, economics, agriculture and more, the book shares how families come together to build a community.

A self help guide, “10 Stupid Things College Kids Do,”reaches out to first generation college freshmen. With more than 20,000 copies sold since its debut in 2000, freshmen and freshmen-to-be gain insight in avoiding pitfalls awaiting to derail their success in college.

Jessie  is a writer who grew up in the Mississippi Delta and has lived in several cities across the U.S. The former newspaper reporter has been a magazine publisher, local education talk show host, PR entrepreneur & an education administrator. She has authored, edited & published several books & many articles. She is focused on birthing numerous books that she has been incubating and nurturing over the years.

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